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?'s about the infections in Trish4324's computer

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i think so far Trish4323 has had the most infected computer on lunarsoft so far just by looking at her hjt logs. she has come to the right place to seek proper guidence and help in order to remove the malware thats running amuck in her computer.

my question is, are the infections in her computer all random? or are they all in collaberation with each other do a specific job? if a specific job was intended what was it? installing popups?, indentity theft?, or simply to destroy the operating system. what was the ulimate goal of her infection?

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So far, I -think- hers may be the most infected to date.

Worms and other type of viruses of that nature have malicious intent, ranging from spamming things to opening more ports to allow exploits and other attacks in. Check the links to see what the worms and such do in her HijackThis log where I posted the removal instructions.

Of course the adware and spyware are to do other things, pretty much just do what they are. Adware displays adverts, spyware spies on you.

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