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Not everyone Tarun has used a chat room before. Perhaps it may be an idea to give some hints which may lead to more people using the one here. It might seem obvious to some what to do.

Things like,

Do I need to download anything first to use the chat room?

How to I contact people when in the room?

Are there any must not do's in the Lunarsoft room?

Can other people see what I write?

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i know when i first clicked on chat i was prompted to download java runtime. i was using firefox as a web browser. i dont know if anything is required for IE. i'm in chat now as i'm posting this.

i was trying to leave the real answers for the Lunarsoft staff :P

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  • Administrator

Hehe.. I was waiting to see if MP would reply since he's frequenting the chat. :D His post is really good too. :P

Firefox and IE both wil alert you of a java applet that is about to be run, it is safe.

To contact people in the room, just type to them.

The chat is more laid back as of this time, however should any more members come in there and have a dispute or issue about how laid back it is, rules can be set.

When you type in the room, everyone can see that. If you PM someone in the chat, only the person it's to and you can see what's typed.

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