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Is Auslogics Disk Defrag a fraud?

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I've used Auslogics Disk Defrag (ADD) for several years. I was initially attracted to it because of its speed vs. Windows Pass 1, Pass 2, Pass 3, . . . ad infinitum. . . takes forever. However, ADD's behavior concerns me/makes me think it might be at least partially a scam. Here are the reasons I think it might be:

  • First run: ADD finds and deletes (example) 13,000 temp files and finds 300 fragmented files, which it defrags.
  • IMMEDIATELY after that run, I run it again. It finds and deletes 400 temp files and defrags 37 fragmented files. Mind you, this is after I HAVE DONE NOTHING ON THE COMPUTER following the ADD run!!!
  • I can repeat this multiple times, and it always finds a few temp files and some fragmented files.
  • If I select "Defrag & Optimize", same scenario. Go back IMMEDIATELY AFTER RUNNING IT and it finds fragmented and non-optimized files.
  • If I then use the computer to visit a few websites and look at my emails, then run ADD, it again finds 12,000+ temp files and a huge number of fragmented files.

Doesn't make sense. Can anyone explain this?


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  • Administrator

Which OS are you running this on? There are so many things that run and generate files in the background, it's hard to narrow down.

I will say that I've stopped using third party defrag utilities and am just using the built in WIndows defrag. Since Windows 7 it's been sufficient. Windows 10 it's great, it handles SSDs wonderfully.

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  • Administrator

Unfortunately it's hard to say for sure what it's deleting and where, unless it produces log files.

If you like, just use the Windows 7 built in defrag.

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