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Laptop vs. desktop


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What do you all think would be a better investment? I have a decent system (but not like that kickass one i see in Taruns new signature punk.gif ) buts its 4.5 years old, and i am looking to network within my home (one computer in the basement, one in the family room).

im kicking around getting a laptop.

pros: its portable outside the home to bring places to get help, give help (i actually am helping a few people here and there punk.gif ). its great to put files on to read both inside the house or when i travel. its light, i can use my existing external hard drives, headphones, external dvd burner, etc. when i want to, and i can (i think?) hitch it to my stereo system in the living room for tunage. also, my big screen tv is in the family room, but my computer is in the basement (my wife wont let me put it upstairs, i know, whipped, but heh :shocking: ), so i cant watch my movies on the big tv. laptop would let me do that.

cons: i have heard they heat up (not sure if this is true), i am not sure if i can get as good (meaning storage, speed and capabilities) a laptop as i can get if i build another desktop. plus, it would be a ton of fun learning to build a desktop and putting it together.

what would you all do?


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well, in your other post you said you wanted to do highend games.. and desktops have better performance than laptops. Also, desktops are easier to upgrade for future needs and purposes. For Gaming and better long term investment, get a desktop. For traveling//buisness get a laptop (or just no enough phyisical space in your house)

My vote is for a desktop


Edit - you can alwase buy adaptors for your movie playing and stuff. Companies sell wireless streamers capable of streaming video and music to tvs and stero equipment

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i bought a laptop just few week ago...i can say i am quite happy with it...

u can play game with it (not so tooooo long) but best of all...u can go mcdonald with it and do ur project while eating...

and yes laptop get heat up fast...however the main concern would be the screen...so if u own one...remember to set your laptop to switch the screen off after 30min+ of inactive...(just in case you sleep)

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