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How to setup mIRC

Monkey Proof

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First you will need to download mIRC, you can get it from here.

you will need to choose the closet location to where you live.


after you download mIRC open it up and follow the instructions from the mIRC v.6.16 install wizard.


enter your information in the fields provided to include a valid email address. I recommend using a nick name as the full name for privacy. The nick name is what you wish to be known as while logged into mIRC. You must also pick an alternative nick name in case your first nick name is already being used.


next you need to add orobas.ny.us.delinked.us on port 6667 as a new server. To do so put a check mark in “New Server Window’ and then click on Connect to Server. Now enter orobas.ny.us.delinked.us to ‘IRC Server:’ and 6667 to ‘Port(s)’

once this is done you can connect to mIRC


Enter orobas.ny.us.delinked.us for the IRC Server

Enter 6667 for the Port(s)


now to add Lunarsoft.net as a channel.

Click on the favorites folder


now type /#Lunarsoft.net and click Join. After a few seconds you should be in Lunarsoft.net


To instant message an individual user using DCC.

Left click on username to Highlight it

Right click on username

Left click on DCC

Left click on Chat


You can switch from DCC chat and the chat channel that you are in by clicking on the buttons.


To change channels

Click on Channels List icon

Click on Get List


Right click on the channel that you want to go to

Left click to join channel


You can switch back and forth between different channels by clicking on the channel buttons

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