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Version 2 has been released!


  • [New] https support added.
  • [New] Support for modern security standards.
  • [New] OS detection for Windows 8.1, 10.
  • [New] Json support added.
  • [New] Standardized menu icons added.
  • [New] New menu items for faster access to common areas.
  • [New] Settings now accessible through Edit menu.
  • [New] About now accessible through Help menu.
  • [New] Numerous optimizations of code.
  • [New] User agent to identify Anti-Malware Toolkit.
  • [New] Skipping partially downloaded file will delete the partial download.
  • [Changed] Improved OS detection.
  • [Changed] Using .NET Framework 4.8, up from .NET 2.0.
  • [Changed] All links now use https.
  • [Changed] GUI improvements and changes.
  • [Changed] UAC now only prompts when necessary.
  • [Changed] Save location is now in Settings.
  • [Changed] Proxy settings now in its own tab, code refactored.
  • [Changed] Settings now save to the proper location in AppData.
  • [Removed] XML support removed.
  • [Removed] Unnecessary tabs removed from main UI.
  • [Removed] Support for x86/32-bit OS’ removed.
  • [Removed] Windows Vista and lower no longer supported.

Read about it on the frontpage and download the new version!

Also a warning, as Windows Vista and lower, along with x86 are not supported - use at your own risk!

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