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Ports and the like


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Ok, Im going to give a bit of background info on my problem becuase you will think its really weird if i don't. My dad's buisness came into our house and installed a bunch of hardware and cables for his house office so that he can connect to his buisness's network from the house. Because our house is networked, they installed a hardware fireall//router. The technology guys who put the firewall in never left us a password to open and close ports and change other settings. Now that my dad got moved over to a DSL line (dunno why) and we are still on cable, the firewall doesnt matter anymore. Any way i can reset the firewall back to its factory settings with default passwords? I am trying to open up ports for my bittorrent client. (It hangs at 0 percent, so im assuming thats the problem, if its not whats the deal? Ive tried two diffrent clients by the way) Also it would be nice if someone could post a good tutorial on how to change settings on a hardware firewall once I resolve the password issue (yes i know theres a password cause ive tried it before)


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