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err? ZX81, what the hell is that? Seriously, thats like so old they tried to make the name sound futuristic

how many bits?

haha, i googled it and found out...wow, that is undescribable. I used to think the classic was the NES, my brother remembers it as Jumpman Junior on the Commador 64. You seem to have beat us all. The sick thing is that our Ti 83+ graphing calculators can do a better job. And they werent even designed for it....


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lol! I got my commodore vic 20 in 1981 or 82. i was around 9 or 10. i can remember learning in school how to make a program that basically made a little fly flap across the screen. the graphics were so rudimentary, its not even funny.

maybe if i had kept up with things, i wouldnt be so computer illiterate now. :)

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My brother and I had a TI 99 4a. Mostly just played pre-programmed games on it, it didn't have the Extended Basic module all the cool programs seemed to require. I did learn a little about programming in Basic, which is of no use at all today. :)

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