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ok, you must be new to ipods. Ill try and help you out.

Itunes is actually a smart program, what it does is displays all your music in a "Library". Then, when you plug in your ipod, it makes it look EXACTLY like that Library. So, if you havent spoted your problem yet, this is what happened. Your ipod was made to be like your first library (the ones with the music). Then, when you plugged it into the second one (the one with the movie), it took the ipod, and since the second library didnt have the music on it, deleted all the music.

I think that when you plugged in your ipod to the second one, you were in a hurry (or didnt care), because there is a warning that pops up that tells you that it will do this. Im assuming that you just clicked yes, which told iTunes to sync your iPod with the new library. You should have said no, which would have let you manualy add the movie.

If you have any more questions, head over to here www.ilounge.com


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