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Looking into Buying a New Printer?


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Hi Guys,

I sold by previous printer with my old computer :P so im looking on alternatives to buy my price range is between £100-£200. I want a printer thats fast, reliable, good final images after printing has finished.

Any Suggestions...?

Ps - the one i sold was a Lexmark X110 All in One.


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Canon printers... i always thought an epson or an HP printer... i use it for printing word docs, photos, etc basically what alot of people use theres for day in day out

like i said i have around £100-200 price range so im not looking for a cheap a** works for 2 months then stops. im looking for a decent one.

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The one I purchased not to long ago was the PIXMA 4000 Canon. Reason I went for this model is that is allows me to print on CD/DVDs which is something I've been wanting to do as I'm sick of stickers coming off.

It's quite fast and doesn't chew up that much ink.

For normal b/w printing I've got a small HPLaserjet, which again doesn't cost an arm or a leg and will do approx 5000 prints on one toner cartridge.

Cheers :P

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