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Billy Joe Bob goes to the city.

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Billy Joe Bob was off for his first visit in the big city. As his dad dropped him off at the station he offered these words of advice, "Watch out for them wild wimmin in the city lad."

"Don't worry," says young Billy Joe Bob, "I's smarter than them thar women any day."

A fortnight later dad's back at the station to pick up Billy Joe Bob after his visit to the city.

"Dad," says the youth, "I'd like yer ter meet me wife."

Dad looks the girl over. She is noticably pregnant.

"She's gonna have a baby Son."

"That's right" grins the lad.

"But it won't be your baby!"

"Course it's my baby." he protests.

"How der yer make that out Billy Joe Bob?

"Well," says Billy Joe Bob "If you buy a cow and it has a calf, the calf's yours, ain't it?"


Cheers :P

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