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Finger lickin' good

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A bloke was driving his car along a country road when, to his utter amazement he saw a four legged chicken running along side the road. He could hardly believe his eyes.

When the chook did a right hand turn up a track leading to a farm house he turned his car in after it. He soon came to a gate where he met the farmer who was casually leaning on the fence.

The driver got out of his car and said, "You may not believe this but I just saw a four legged chicken run into your property."

The farmer was casual in his response, "Yep, we breed them here."

"But why?" asked the motorist.

"Well, you see, I like a leg, my wife likes a leg, my daughter likes a leg and my son likes a leg."

"And what do they taste like?"

"Dunno," replied the farmer, "no one can catch the little buggers."


Cheers :P

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