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Opera 9 Beta 2

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Even though I do like Opera9, there is one thing that annoys me.

When loading the new version, you are able to copy across your 'bookmarks' but it doesn't copy over my password (Wand) folder settings...... well, not that I've found yet.

If someone does know how to do this please let me know.

Cheers :P

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Opera 9 build 8455 BETA




- UI: Bookmarks exported to HTML are now in the Netscape Bookmark File Format, making them compatible with Yahoo bookmarks, Scuttle, MyBookmarks etc

- UI: Further improvements to the new access key interface. Press Shift+Esc to enter access key mode where sites support it, eg http://www.opera.com or http://news.bbc.co.uk

- UI: Multiline edit fields, compose mail and source viewer now have a

- Horizontal scrollbar if needed

- UI: Changing alignment of mail headers now doesn't hide or overlap headers

- Rendering: Added support for the CONTENTEDITABLE attribute

- Rendering: Setting table height to 100% now works in quirks mode regardless of

- Height of parent element(s)

- Rendering: Stand-alone images are now centered on the page - image.css is read again

- Rendering: User set encoding is now window and site specific

- Rendering: Baseline for CJK characters is now correct

- Widgets: window.moveTo and window.resizeTo are now supported, as well as window.close

- Widgets: Fixed unwarranted security violation errors

- Several crash fixes

- Known issue: Some links on some sites might not be clickable in the Windows build

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Opera 9.01 Build 8505 BETA

shortly after launching Opera 9.00 Build 8501, version 9.01 Build 8505 BETA was released...



- Fixed issue with setting external source viewer, now there is a separate field for parameters

- Fixed problem with text in forms broked when zooming

- Fixed bug where embedding mms:URIs and rtsp:URIs directly did not work

- Several stability fixes

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