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G'day folks,

well, did the 480MB download after signing up and successfully installed Office2007. :P

I had a quick dabble with Access to check it's new functionality and I must say I'm very impressed with it even if it is only a Beta.

Making reports and forms is now very quick and easy as you really don't require that much knowledge of how to 'make' your own reports/forms, however, that option is still available for those that prefer to build their own.

Will play more with Excel and Word during the week to check if these are also as good as the new Access, fingers crossed. :P

Cheers :P

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heh, have you seen the article about how the defualt font is changed? its no longer times new roman, its something with a C. Its supposed to be better for web based reading, because mr gates sees the future paperless.


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For those of you who might be using the Office2007 Beta might I strongly suggest you DO NOT use Outlook as your preferred email client.

After having played around with and used the other office apps (which I'm very happy with), I thought it time to have a look see and play around with Outlook as I haven't used it for quite some time (my normal email client is Incredimail).

Well, everything was working fine (only set it up 2 days ago) and decided to send myself an MSAccess file from work to be able to use it at home. Got home this afternoon and checked my emails (using Outlook) and found that it had 'blocked' the attachment as it might be potentially dangerous.

Fair enough I thought, that's what I like to see, a semi-intelligent program that warns me that what's attached might be harmful.

Well, as I dug around further to try and 'unblock/open' the attachment, I found out, after having finally read the help file (why is they always get read last? ;P ) that once it's been 'blocked' there is no way of opening or accessing the file, it's already been removed and unless you're in a corporate situation not recoverable.

The only way around getting the 'potentially harmful' file through is by having your incoming addresses set up PRIOR to receiving emails, with the necessary permissions set. Seems rather Assbackwards to me, what's wrong with having on option to either open the attachement or deleting it, would have thought that's logical......

By 'corporate situation' it seems that the file is 'saved' but can only be released by the Sysadmin. If it's a stand-alone home product, like mine........ well, tough s*** sunshine, the files gone.

Am I p***ed about this? My oath I am, lost a 2.5Mb file that I'd been working on all day and now have to wait till I get back to work before I can do anything further.

So, in conclusion, STEP BACK AWAY FROM THAT OUTLOOK PROGRAM, it sucks!


You've been warned.

Cheers :P

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i believe that Calibri is a Vista-Only font. i'm note sure about this but i've heard rumors that Calibri looks better when using Vista. but it might be false.

@SenutyEnool: hahahahahahaha. i've also heard rumors about the new program called Windows Live Mail Desktop(the new Outlook Express i guess) that it's buggy as s*** as well. not sure if it does the same thing as Outlook did but chances are highly :P

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can you get back the file from the email server? lets say by logging into your gmail account...?


No, it wasn't through my gmail account, but through my ISPs mail server, and once it's gone from there it's gone......

Just have to chalk this one up to experience...... and should have known better as I haven't used Outlook for some years because it wasn't as configurable as I wanted it to be.

Cheers :P

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