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[VB6] Open-sourcing my old software.

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A lot of the programming I did many years ago (2001-2003) in VB6 was a few chat based bots and a client.

The bots are Prima Vista Bot 1 and Prima Vista Bot 2.

PVBot 1 had tabs to sort through the items available. It wasn't the best but it was my first chat bot that I made in under two months.

PVBot 2 was a lot better, labels used to navigate through items with mouseovers and more.

Lunar Client was one of my best applications under Visual Basic. An MDI application featuring numerous windows for chat rooms, PMs and more. It was even at two chat services for a certain amount of time. One services then claimed it was not authorized so I ceased to support the client at that services. The other services was very helpful and offered many extras. This allowed the client to expand further and become very optimized. It ran better and had the best features out of all other clients that were out.

I also have a module that I used to check to see if Winamp, MSN, and AIM were installed. It was a test module that would eventually be infused into my Lunar Client.

If anyone is interested, I'll host these files.

Also, these files were compiled in a Windows ME OS. They were also fully debugged and tested to the very limits to every known bug being eliminated. I am not sure if they will even compiled under a Full Compile in Windows XP, etc.

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Nice to open source them. :happybday:

Good choice.

Hope to hear you open sourcing more in the future. :hello:

I used to write some stuff in VB6 back in the days too. Haven't touched it in forever.

Recently open the old projects in Visual Basic 2005 Express, but it didn't work. =/

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After working in VB6, it was easy to see a lot of critical issues in CCleaner. He could have easily added a ton of features that people requested. Even UTF-8.

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