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One Singh was enjoying the sun at the beach inAmerica . A lady came asked him, "Are you relaxing?" Singh answered, " No, I am Banta Singh."

Another guy came and asked him the same question. Singh answered, "No No Me Banta Singh!"

Third one came and asked him the same question again. Singh was totally annoyed and decided to shift his place.

While walking he saw another Singh soaking in the sun. He went up to him and asked, "Are you Relaxing?" The other Singh was a lot more educated and answered, "Yes, I am relaxing."

The Singh slapped him on his face and said, Stupid, id***.Everyone is looking for you and you are sitting over here!"

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Two Singhs were sitting outside a clinic. One of them was crying like hell.

So the other asked, "Why are you crying?" The first one replied, "I came here for blood test"

Second one asked, "So? Are you afraid ? "

First one replied, " No, not that. During the blood test they cut my finger"

Hearing this the second one started crying. The first one was astonished and asked other, "Why are you crying?"

The other replied, "I have come for my urine test."

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Kaur caught her husband Singh searching high and low all around his living room. Jasmeet: "What are you searching for?"

Santa: "Hidden cameras!" Jasmeet: "And what makes you think that there are hidden cameras here?"

santa: "That guy on TV knows exactly what I am doing. Why every few minutes he keeps saying 'You are watching the Star World channel'. How does he know that?"

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An American, a Japanese, and a Singh were sitting naked in the sauna.

Suddenly there was a beeping sound. The American pressed his forearm and the beeping stopped. The others looked at him questioningly. "That's my pager," he said, "I have a microchip under the skin of my arm."

A few minutes later a phone rang. The Japanese lifted his palm to his ear. When he finished he explained, "That's my mobile phone.I have a microchip in my hand.

The Singh felt low-tech and inferior. He didn't know what to do to be as impressive as the American & the Japanese. He decided to take a break in the toilet. When he returned, he didn't realize that there was a piece of toilet paper got stuck and hanging from his a**. The others raised their eyebrows and said, "Wow! What's that?" Instead to be embarrassed, inspiration struck his mind. The Singh explained, "I'm getting a FAX."

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