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pretty cool software


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alrighty, im trying it from my work, and it doesnt seem to be working. Im thinking its because of my firewall. can anyone tell me how to open and close ports on it? also, does my ip need to be static for this to work? or would it just be easier if it was static but not have to be.


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hey tarun, ive been putting this off because im just lazy, but here we go

its a netgear f4114p . im thinking i configure this through the command prompt right? ive fooled around in there before, but this completely baffles me


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  • Administrator

I'm not seeing it listed as a router. Here's a list below of all of them.

  • CG814W
  • CG814WG
  • DG632
  • DG814
  • DG814v4.0
  • DG824M
  • DG834
  • DG834G
  • DG834GT
  • DG834PN
  • DM602
  • FM114P
  • FR114P
  • FR114W
  • FR314
  • FR318
  • FR328S
  • FV318
  • FVL328
  • FVS114
  • FVS318
  • FVS328
  • FVX538
  • FWAG114
  • FWG114
  • HR314
  • ME102
  • MR314
  • MR814
  • RH340
  • RM356
  • RO318
  • RP114
  • RP614
  • RP614v3
  • RT311
  • RT314
  • RT314v2
  • RT388
  • WGR614
  • WGR614v5
  • WGT624
  • WGT624v3
  • wgt634u
  • WPN824

Basically you need to go into or whatever your router's IP is.

You'll want to go to Port Forwarding and then add a Custom Service. After that you enter a Service Name, Start Port, End Port, and Server IP Address.

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  • Administrator

It's almost always with other IPs of or

You can check by Start > Run > cmd > ipconfig /all and the IP will be listed there.

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edit - i love you tarun

its working, i got the password thingy up for my firewall, it says the model number too

ok wait, now wahts the default password for a firewall? blank doesnt work


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HALLELUIA I GOT IT!!!!!!!! i waited once again after getting to this point to try it today and i finally figured it out, i love this forum. muchas gracian Senor Tarun y Senor Zaphire.


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