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Detox clinic to help addicted gamers

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Well, it might be needed. Some games sure are addicting. Especially these MMORPG games like World of Warcraft, etc.

They probably do have researchers working at those companies that deliberately try to make the games as addicting as possible.

  • With "time sinks" in the game that make characters train with each other for hours to go stronger, or collect certain loot that they need a high amount, players grow used to stay online all day, and the game becomes a natural part of their life.
  • With new updates (new in-game content; such as creatures, items, quest, bosses, places) released continually every six month or year, gets players to stay. When it gets boring, its comes a new update, and the game gets interesting again for a while. Retired players gets tempted to come back.
  • Game-play focused on interaction with other players and players can have friends lists (like IM), share houses, hunt together, quest together, etc then other players that you play with becomes very good friends of you, and it becomes hard to quit the game.
  • You get more and more levels, and the game have no real ending. You can keep on playing it forever.
  • You may have a house in-game, which you've had for years, so it kinda gets sentimental value, and you don't want to loose it, so you keep playing or at least paying.

I am sure they employ psychologists and scientists to come up with ideas and concepts on how to addict kids.

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UTE, OOH! It seems they also have a devious plan for folks like me over 50. I tell you its a shifty.gif conspiracy I'm addicted to Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour game. Maybe its in the drinking water, no they might be pumping it in through my Central Air. perhaps it occurred when I was going to sleep that night my wife placed a giant sea pod next to me and she said "oh that its just a new room decoration nighty night you'll feel better about it in the morning" possibly it could have been when I was watching that movie Men In Black I did look at the agents pen and all I recall was a bright light.

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