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Internet Explorer woes


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recently, i clicked the search button on IE and right now, IE can't launch without going to not responding mode. does anyone know where i can disable the Search thingy from being enabled from either the registry or some file?

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actually what make IE so unsecure... as compared to Firefox and Opera... activeX..? becoz according to what i know, IE6 in WinXP SP2 wont allow activeX to install by itself without user consent... i choose Firefox over IE becoz of tabbed browsing, download manager and the Ctrl+F function...

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Well, whilst we are woeing about IE, I myself have a woeful woe that I would like remedied or explained, if possible.

I use FF (obviously) but I wanted to try out IE 7 b3 just for $hits and giggles. So I downloaded it from Filehippo.com, and tried to install it. Since it has WGA built-in, I had it check if my copy of Windows is valid, which it obviously is because:

1. It is a brand new OEM copy of WinXP Pro SP2 purchased off of Newegg about 1 month ago, and

2. To get my newer Windows updates, I had to install it (and no, I'm not referring to the WGA Notification app; I never downloaded that one on my new computer, and I never will), and since I passed then I should pass now (and no, I haven't installed any new hardware that would void the OEM license)

So, I'm assuming it passed the validation, because it continued on with the extraction and installation of files. But every time it finishes, it says that my installation failed.

Now I will admit I didn't turn off my antivirus/firewall like it advised me too, BUT I did give it access to the Internet both times it requested it. I don't particularly like the idea of an MS app running without my firewall going, so I wanted to know if there are any tips or tricks I can try before I break down give an MS app the reigns to my computer (other than the OS itself :P ). In my opinion, no well-behaved web browser should need, or even request you turn off your computer's protection before installing it, so needless to say, I am a bit wary.

Any help would be just splendid. ;P

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i am assuming that you are using some third-party firewall...

try disconnecting from the internet and switch off your firewall and antivirus... then switch on Windows Firewall and reconnect to the internet... you should be fine...

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