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Flock Browser


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i usually tend to stray away from browsers that arent extremely well known because thats like not very smart in my mind.. i dont feel like explaining it. who makes this browser?


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uhhh, it is based on Firefox's parsing engine(Gecko or w/e it was called) so i guess it might be firefox, but better :sick: .

also, there's a new browser based on Firefox's parsing engine called Orca Browser. it's a little weird though ;P .

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i tried today and quite cool...i am a blogging people and there is a tool that allowed me to create and edit my article directly without visiting my site and it allowed me to maintain my Photobucket and Flickr account (Uploaded/View)...Will not be uninstall this software or my Firefox...Both of them has different usage for me now.

Here is some info on their founder...

The browser was developed in California by a small team of developers spearheaded by Bart Decrem, who is well known in the open source community due to his involvement in the Mozilla Foundation and his ill-fated startup Eazel, which from 1999 until its demise in 2001 aimed to bring greater usability features to the Linux desktop.

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