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Vote for my mate to win a wedding.

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Ok people find it in your hearts to give up a couple of minutes of your time to vote for my mate to win a £50,000 wedding.

He is an absolute diamond geezer and both him and his girlfriend deserve to win this competition without a doubt.

Read about Lee and Vikki here.

Vote here for Lee and Vikki.


Text the letter C to 84070.

Voting continues for about 20 hours from the time of this post.

Thank you.

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Okay, done as requested, vote is in for Majid and Lisa.

Cheers :P


F***** ;P


Ermmm, did I do a booboo?

Isn't that who I was supposed to vote for?......

Or was it Bill and Ben?.....

Maybe it was Bert and Ernie?..... confused.png

Nah, did as asked and voted for Lee and Vicki, was just trying to wind you up.

Cheers ;P

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you are so full of it sometimes...

in other parts of the world that just means well...pretty much the same thing


Hahahaha, I know. I had to come up with something, though. ;P

I meant crusty crab in the nicest possible way. :P

Hmm, maybe I should have said "cranky...." ;P

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