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Problem with WLM (8.0.0812.00)


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Me and my friends constanly transfer music from each other using WLM above is the version i am running. the problem is that when i recieve a file WL safety scanner scans it for a virus and it says this

You have successfully received C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner\My Documents\My Received Files\Dj Kirsty Vs Dj Faiz - Take Me Away.mp3

but when i goto that it says it cant find it also when i click on the link in wlm it says it might be harmful to open...

Help would be appreciated

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  • Administrator

Under File Transfer, your saved destination is what path?

Also, do you have it set to check for viruses? If so, what is the path to the anti-virus and the name of the anti-virus program?

If you are using Sharing Folders, are your contact(s) added?

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