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The Lunarsoft.net Freeware list - Why the Changes?

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I started to review and test e-Trust and Avast more thoroughly. I found e-Trust missed a few viruses on my Virtual PC, whereas Avast caught them all. e-Trust was also skinned with no way to disable it. However Avast you can disable or not even install the skins. To not install the skins you'd run a Minimal install. More items are that it's free for far longer and the scan/update process is excellent. Additionally, the services that run are not intrusive and don't bog down the system, something which Norton does immensely and terribly.

I personally still love Outpost Professional Firewall, however users will need a freeware firewall that can do a lot and get updated. It's just a shame that Outpost Free doesn't get any attention. :\

ZAP is poorly made, and it still has numerous issues. It has a ton of bugs, memory issues and much more. It has since v2 and they never fixed it. It also slows down your Internet browsing.

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I personally find ZAP barely slows down my internet connection, and have had no problems, it seems ot be much more secure than compared to Outpost when I had it. It is definitely the most secure firewall that I've had.

Avast is pretty good, but I've found it uses up loads of RAM, way more than eTrust, and eTrust does seem to get better with every update that is released.

Also both eTrust and ZA are the recommended software by my local PC shop, they recommend it to everyone, and never have any complaints - definately the most secure.

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Just because a tech shop says to use a product, doesn't mean they're always right.

Oh, no, I'm not saying they're right. But they have way more resources to test the software that they recommend on (not one PC, but many different ones with all sorts of different software), and they say that thats the software to use to everyone, and they have lot of customers, and they very rarely have complaints, so obviously, ZAP and eTrust are very secure.

Ok, you're probably right about eTrust using up more resources, but its always worked like a dream for me, as has ZAP. Everyone looks down at ZAP, but how many people actually test the latest version? It works superbly, providing high quality security (maybe with the consequence of slowing down internet - but its such a small amount one hardly notices), and have never had the problem of updating it and causing massive problems, as Outpost did.

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