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Prevx1 is created on the principle of creating unique checksums for every bit of code (executable, DLL, scripts, etc) running on your PC, and then cross-referencing this against a central database of user checksums. If the code is legit there is no problem, while if it is unknown the code is stopped.

Yes, it gives you an extra layer of security. But do you really need it?

The other problem is that you have to pay for the program.

Having a set of free programs consisting of a firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-spam should give you enough peace of mind.

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If that file is still on your pc and you are unable to remove it you could try renaming it (and thus making it unusable for malware).

Goto C:\Windows\System32\pushow15.dll and rightclick on the file. Choose Rename and rename the file to pushow15.old.dll.

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