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Spyware Terminator

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Hmm... I've installed it and scanned. I'm quite Impressed on the Improvement they have made since the last time I heard of somebody having trouble with it. I have not had any trouble nor... problems here. I like the real-time protection and they have fixed that dang Memory Usage issue which I hated to the littlest time that I noticed it glare.png

Scans are a bit too fast for me though even in Full Scan. Have to keep my eye on that shifty.gif . Took around 15min. :love:

Hope some of you consider in testing or trying out if not already :D

Spyware Terminator BETA

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From the Spyware Warrior page:

Note on SpywareTerminator: We originally listed Spyware Terminator on this page out of concerns that Crawler, the company behind the product, had established connections with IBIS, a well known adware distributor responsible for such adware programs as Wintools, Websearch, & Huntbar. Although we found no problems in our initial testing with Spyware Terminator, and while the vendor itself announced that it was exiting the adware business (1), we decided out of caution to impose a three month probation period before we would consider re-testing and, if warranted, de-listing the product from the Rogue/Suspect list. During that three month probation period we monitored the behavior of IBIS and Crawler. At the end of the three month probation period we re-tested Spyware Terminator, again finding no problems serious enough to justify listing the program on this page. As the vendor involved has not been involved in the distribution of adware for many months, and as the program itself exhibits no problems serious enough to warrant mention on this page, we have decided to de-list Spyware Terminator from the Rogue/Suspect list and can no longer regard the program to be "rogue/suspect."

Note: not to be confused with Spyware X-terminator from Stompsoft

There was more noted on the Spyware Warrior Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Websites page.

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I read all that and I see that they haven't really... decided but in my way of seeing it's that this program (as far as I know in my Usage) has not had any FP as of yet. Maybe I should go beyond to what I'm doing and really test it. Know any sites that I test such a program?

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