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Safe Registry Cleaners

Ultimate Predator

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Even though I never recommend them to other users, I personally would like to know what safe registry cleaners are there? I used CCleaner (with backup) and RegSeeker with RegSeeker customized exclude.ini file from the CCleaner forums (with backup), after my system was acting slightly slower than normal (no spyware or anything), and it made a noticable difference.

Are these the safest to use, and if not, what is?

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The reg cleaner in EasyCleaner seems quite safe, and its backup feature is completely automatic once configured (which isn't complicated). However, the Duplicates scan included in the package is best avoided, specialized knowledge is needed to know which duplicates are safe to delete.

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I too have been using EasyCleaner for a long time, I guess 5 or 6 years. The only thing it ever broke was MS help, which Toni Helenius quickly wrote a patch for, which restored the registry entry that it removed.

Other than that incident, I have found it to be very good.

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Yeah, I use CCleaner as well, more often than EasyCleaner actually.

I have been using CCleaner for about two, maybe two and a half years I guess, since I first heard about it in the ComputerActive magazine.

CCleaner I use on a regular basis, I can't say how regular though, just as and when I think of it really.

EasyCleaner is used when I have uninstalled loads of programs for instance, but even then I run CCleaner first.

I also run both of them on Patch Tuesday's, which is when I carry out a strict tidying up and sorting out of my computer (and any other computers that I use).

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