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Greetings mortals

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Greetings mortals!

Due to popular demand :P I have decided to wander into this realm, err.. make an account on this forum.

I've been a member of a certain other forum, where I have come across people such as Tarun :hello: (who's an alright guy... sometimes :P ) and the lovely krit86lr :happybday: and a couple other people who hang here on this forum.

I have an interest in GNU/Linux, free software / open source, computer security, privacy, anonymity, etc. I also like Wikipedia a lot and consider it a valuable resource.

I think ninjas are kickass and I think that Jackie Chan is cool and that any Asian people who are good at martial arts is cool. ;)

I love boobs. :love:

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Welcome Eldmannen! Let the Norton bashing... ...resume! :happybday:

What Jackie Chan movies do you like?

Boobs eh? Well, you'll get along great with joshg678.

Yeah, some people didn't like my endless Norton bashing, but I heard from Jack_BMN, that you're an avid Norton basher yourself. :P

Even heard you got in trouble for it. :hello:

I myself got in trouble for it, or something, then after my moderator-sponsored vacation when I came back, I heard from Jack-BMN about you, and came over here.

Now the "drunken boxing" movies with Jackie Chan is good. Rush Hour is good too.

I like the mom of Jackie in drunken boxing, shes hilarious. :love:

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Hey, Eldmannen, good to see you. What took you so long? :hello:

Hiya! :happybday:

Well, I've been invited sometimes, but never really jumped on due to that I don't want to hang on too many forums because it takes time.

But after getting invited once again, and hearing about Tarun, I decided to jump on.

There is a couple of things I didn't like about that other forum, such as the developer not being involved in the community, taking months to fix bugs, etc.

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