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*walks in*

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Hi everyone!! I joined a couple of weeks ago and finally decided to post.

I'm on a number of other forums, although I don't post regularly

My interests include web design, Linux and computer security.

anyway I won't bore you with a long greeting, you'll learn about me as I post. :happybday:

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Hello Johnno! :happybday:

I share some similar interests with you.

I don't really do "web design", but I do some web development, I often use PHP and MySQL. I am good at HTML/XHTML/XML, and like RSS and stuff. I am good at HTML, although I am a crappy designer, since I'm not really a designer, I am as artistic as a dead squirrel, lol. :hello:

I also like GNU/Linux, it's a nice system with much powerful capabilities, and much technical and advanced stuff. I like a lot the fact that its free, I think that is very important. Though I do think OpenBSD is pretty cool since its so **** secure and has such a strong focus on security. Plan 9 from Bell Labs seems very cool too, it has some nice new stuff and concepts, the whole system was Unicode 13 years ago, heh. DragonflyBSD seems to have some interesting stuff too. I hope ZFS and DTrace from Solaris gets ported to Linux.

I've had most of my GNU/Linux experience with Slackware, but lately I've been looking at Arch Linux.

I also like computer security. I like lock-down the system, disabling unnecessary processes, services and daemons closing ports. I like a lot iptables, its an dream firewall, I just love how you can configure it so in-depth exactly how you want it. I think that I want to try out the grsecurity kernel-patch sometime.

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