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Time to rant

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Isn't it bad enough that companies are out-sourcing their tech support to India. Now they are having the tech people use American sounding names. In the last 2 weeks, I've talked with the tech support for my ISP and Motorola, several times. I keep getting people named Steve, Sarah, Leon, Andrew, etc. They all have an India accent that is so thick I can barely understand them. Ain't no way some guy living in a hut in India is named Andrew, especially when it takes him 3 tries to pronounce his name correctly. If I called from Germany, would Leon answer as Gustav? If someone in India calls a tech support number in the US, will he get a guy with a south Georgia accent that says, " Hey there. How ya'll doing. My name is ACHMED . What can I do for ya?" AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH :happybday::happybday::) I need a beer.

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