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Yeah, why not.

They make good money, it is a job of many varieties, you get to see loads of interesting things, deadlines could prove to be a good thing because they would get the adrenalin flowing, and you can be your own boss quite easily.

Also, with digital cameras, you can take as many shots as you want without wasting loads of film like years ago. Therefore the only outlay is a good camera, a fairly decent computer, and some good image editing software.

I would love to be good at photography.

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What about your camera?

Is it a good one?

My Camera sucks. Just a HP Photosmart E317 5.0 MegaPixels. It lacks it some areas. Like if there's a lot of objects or if there isn't enough light it starts to lag and the FPS drops for some reason :happybday:

Actually the reason for my Camera to even do that maybe because of the Battery's I once used. I used Rechargeable AA and not Digital AA Battery's. Now I use Digital but the same Issue Occur.

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