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Monzy performing at the Stanford University.

Video at YouTube.

* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fow7iUaKrq4

  • So I pull out my keyboard, and I pull out my glock, and dismount your girl, and I mount /proc.
  • and the bottom line is that you best not f--k or its kill dash nine (kill -9)
  • kill dash nine, and its no more CPU time, kill dash nine, and that process is mine.
  • Now its my time to shine, so step out of the line, or its kill dash nine.
  • You are like CLR, I am like CLRS, you running csh, my shell is bash.
  • I am the L1 cache.
  • I am webcrawl spider, you're an Internet mosquito, you thought the seven layer model referred to a burrito.
  • You're a dial up connection, I'm a gigabit LAN.
  • It's like I'm running Thunderbird, and you're still stuck with pine.
  • I was coding s*** in MIPS while you were playing Space Invaders.
  • With my finger on the trigger, I run ./configure, yo this package is big, but my package is bigger.
  • Ill 'chown' your home, and take your access away.

You need to be a nerd to understand it, heh. :cake:

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Yeah, I saw it on Digg too.

Monzy is cool, he got a website, http://www.monzy.com/

So Much Drama in the PhD, lyrics and MP3

Kill Dash Nine, lyrics and MP3

The Pimping Lemma, lyrics and MP3

Some is Linux-related, but some is Solaris-related, but much is programming related, some math related, and some computer-science related.

Terminlogy used in kill dash nine:

SIGQUIT = a signal sent to a process to tell it to terminate.

mount = command used to mount a filesystem.

kill dash nine = "kill -9", a command used in Unix-like systems to kill a process.

csh = C shell, an very Unix old shell.

bash = a very popular Unix shell with much functionality and features.

L1 cache = The Level 1 cache on the CPU, it is very fast. CPU also has L2 cache which is slower, some CPU have L3 cache which is even slower.

Webcrawl spider = A software that "crawls" the web, used by search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc.

The seven layer model = The OSI model, its a 7 layer model which is network-related.

Burrito = mexican food or something.

Dial-up connection = slow connection.

Gigabit LAN = very fast connection.

Thunderbird = Mozilla Thunderbird, popular e-mail client.

Pine = Command-line based e-mail client.

MIPS = Processor architecture.

Spade Invaders = a old game.

./configure = a command

Package = refers to a package of software (such as .msi) used by a package manager, but also refers to yeah, uhm... "the package".

chown = a Unix command to "change the owner" of a directory, in the song, the case is the "home directory", which is kinda like My Documents.

KLOCS = (k = kilo = thousand) Lines of Source Code.

buffer = something stored in memory, in the song he refers to "Control-X, Control-C" when he talk about the buffer, which means he clear the clipboard buffer.

outside your scope = refers to scopes in programming.

close them curly bracket = refers to curly brackets { and } in programming, often used in if/else-statements and while/for-loops.

I'll write a pound-define and assign you as mine = refers to #DEFINE, in programming languages such as C and C++.

Terminology used in So Much Drama in the PhD:

PhD = Doctor of Philosophy, an academic degree.

PSPACE = a class in complexity theory.

dereference my pointer = refers to a "pointer" in computer programming languages such as C and C++.

linear probing = refers to both programming and intercourse.

JNE = refers to an instruction in the computer programming language Assembler.

garbage collection = refers to automatic memory management in programming languages such as Java.

mark-and-sweep = is garbage collection related.

sign my rhymes with PGP = to sign rhymes with PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), a popular cryptography software.

denial of service = when something does not work or respond, often due to overload.

your typing isn't strict = refers to the type "strict" in programming.

ML = refers to a programming language.

real = refers to the type "real" in programming.

I control my flow better than TCP = refers to this "rap flow", and compares it to the packet flow control in the TCP protocol.

GRE = Graduate Record Examination; a test.

overflow your buffer = write more data than the buffer is big.

Real gangstas sip on Yacc = yacc is a parser generator on Unix-like systems. Also refers to "yak", which cognac.

/dev/null = /dev/null is a virtual device in Unix-like systems that is like a blackhole, anything that enters there, disappears.

unsigned long int = refers to an positive large integer (variable) in computer programming languages such as C.

8-bit char = refers to a variable in language such as C that can only contain one character.

Your mom circulates like a public key = refers to a public key in public key cryptography. The public key, you distribute to anyone. The private key, you never ever reveal.

Servicing more requests than HTTP = refers to the HyperText Transfer Protocol, used for the web by webservers to serve documents, images, etc.

She keeps all her ports open like Windows ME = refers to Windows ME being insecure and having many TCP/UDP ports open.

DWORD to your moms = refers to "word to your mama", but DWORD is a "double word" in computer science.

gmake = a utility.

gcc = a compiler.

never called malloc without calling free = malloc() and free() are functions in programming languages like C. malloc() allocates memory, free() frees it.

Terminlogy used in The Pimping Lemma:

hotter than a GPU without a cooling fan = GPU is Graphical Processing Unit. In NVIDIA and ATI cards, they are very hot.

she pulls an Inspiron out her laptop case = refers to Dell Inpsiron, a laptop.

she opens vi and she starts to code = vi is a text editor in Unix-like systems.

work her like some ciphertext in CFB mode = ciphertext is encrypted data. CFB mode is cipher feedback mode.

dynamic loading support = support for dynamically/on-the-fly load a module.

'Cause I think I have a package for you to import. = package refers to "the package", and import refers to load the package.

I'm unrolling a loop = refers to a loop in a computer program such as for() or while().

Rolling back a transaction = refers to a transaction in a filesystem or a database.

hotter than a dual core without a heatsink = refers to a dual-core processor. A CPU with two cores on the die.

debug = refers to debugging. debugging a software is used to find bugs or flaws.

race conditions = happens in SMP systems (computers with many processors) when the libraries aren't thread-safe, etc.

heap = refers to the area of memory used for dynamic memory allocation.

memory leak = unintentional memory consumption by a program because its not coded right.

tokenizing a string = refers to computer programming.

faster than a millisecond ping = when you "ping" a computer, and the reply is very fast.

different area codes and IP ranges = an IP range is like

ceil() = a function in programming to round up a number.

MSB = Most Significant Bit. refers to his "package".

****, you're Big Endian! = refers to his package being large. in computer science there are big and little endian, its the ordering of data.

TLB = Translation Lookaside Buffer.

she can't flip those DIP switches = DIP switches are small switches on a device (such as motherboard or modem), its usually a couple switches next to each other, on a small plastic bit, that you can flip to change behaviour or something of the device.

CS = refers to Computer Science.

403: ACCESS DENIED = refers to the 403 error code in the HTTP protocol, sent by webservers to webbrowsers.

my whole heart expands faster than a Google IPO = initial public offering on the stock. refers that Google is successful and growing fast.

I spread around my seed like swarms of Bittorrent clients = seed refers to his fluid, but also refers to someone who seeds a file on a BT network. swarm refers to download multiple files from the same time, or downloading multiple parts of a file at the same time from different seeders, used to increase download speed.

Though, there were a couple of things I didn't understand at first either, such as some math-related stuff and algorithms which I am not familiar with.

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lol lookin over those, i know a good portion and understand their meaning of them, more so the non-unix ones.. but even with my limited knowledge of unix, i still caught some of the unix commands.

most of the rest i know without a problem.

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