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Renaming partitions on SATA


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I just installed a new SATA drive and made 2 partitions, 1 for ntfs and one for fat32. After rebooting

I have : floppy =A

partition 1 =D

partition 2 =E


How do I change the drive letters?

My hardware is : ECS PT890T-A mobo---Intel core 2 duo E4300

processor---512 meg DDR2 ----FX5500 Nvidia video----Maxtor 200gig SATA/150

I use windows mostly for games, my main OS is PCLinuxOS.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I was poking around on your forums and found the answer. Don't have to rename anything, just install win98 first, XP second, and Linux on the tail. BTW, I work with Texas Filly, and she's a great lady. :cake:

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Here is the link on how to install dual windows os's on one drive:


I have 98SE on 30 gig, WinXP on 70 gig, and PCLinuxOS 2007 on the remaining 100 gig. I have Linux setup to boot from a floppy and it also has Windows listed which points to the NTLDR. Ticked me off to have to go buy another copy of XP when I have XP-PRO

from 2002. But the mobo will only accept XP with SP2. Wonder who's idea that was.

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