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Outpost Pro Security Suite

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Well, I've just started using this, and I have to say its brilliant. The firewall is way better than Comodo, more efficient yet brings up loads more messages for programs. The anti-virus seems to have all the options that Avast does and is just as good, and the real-time anti-spyware combined with the real-time anti-virus seems to use the same amount of CPU as avast.

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Example: All I really use is a firewall; I don't really use any realtime anti virus or anti malware program. So I would just buy the firewall for my needs, rather than buy their suite.

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Do you feel that you're pretty safe, have sound surfing habits, use an updated system, have good knowledge of computers, scan regularly, never get any spyware, and feel safe? Then maybe, you don't need it.

Do you feel unsafe, do you often get spyware? Then maybe you could have use for it...

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