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Squidolin - Log 01


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The "Lunarsoft.net" Graphic up in the very top left hand corner just took me to the front page of the forums...no wonder I couldn't find the link to Firefox hehehe

Anyway, I totally uninstalled Firefox, and deleted all the folders recommended, then reinstalled it. Is the little Google search bar up in the top right corner, beside the address bar not the Google Toolbar? Either way, there's no getting rid of it it seems.

I'll wait for a while then before upgrading to IE7

Thanks for all your time and help, very much appreciated :hello:

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There is an integrated Search bar, but it's not a toolbar.
Right, and while Google is the default search engine, you have other choices. Click the dropdown arrow next to the Google logo, you'll see the others that are installed. If you want more choices, click "Manage Search Engines" > "Get more search engines".

I was fooled because Google does distribute Firefox builds with Google Toolbar pre-installed, thought you must have downloaded one of those. Oh, well; a clean install of Firefox might have been a good idea anyway.

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