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The problem with tech wanna-bes.

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Some of the things you will see in this video are sickening and disturbing. The Nerds on Site tech is just horrific. I can't believe some companies let this kind of thing fly. I'd encourage people to report that kind of garbage.


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I haven't watched the video (will when I get home) but the comments to the article are quite surprising: not only are they not retarded comments (like found on YouTube and most sites) but most of them have a point (many had quite a few points, such as CBC bias). Anything you get repaired has sectors of the industry like this. A few companies suck and a few companies don't.

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This is some sensationalist journalists trying to make a big sensationalist story. They are making geeks/nerds out to be bad people.

Cheating happens in lots of business, in car repair business it happens too, and is probably much worse.

I believe geeks are generally nice people, they're usually not the kind of people who do bad things, such stealing, or crime. You don't often hear about geeks in violence, or crime, they're usually nice and honest people.

Of course, there are some as****** in all business. These are greedy people.

Also, some of the problems which they are faced with, may be very difficult to diagnostic. Memory problems, is often very hard to diagnostic, since the symptoms vary and are very strange and random. To run a memory test on the memory, may take several hours, and nobody want wait for hours, for it to complete, when not even sure thats the problem, and it takes time and money, so I guess some people just say "the computer is broken, buy a new one".

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I think there's a general phobia of "tech" in the world, and those of us technical have done a good job of obfuscating it to the general populace (Windows/Mac UI on computers, TiVo's interface for DVRs, to name some obvious ones where the interface interacted with is SO easy compared to what's going on technically under the covers). And like anything the general public doesn't understand, they try to paint a broad brush in a negative light because as humans, let's face it, we fear the unknown as a group.

Oh - and I'd fire 'em on the spot, but just my .02 :cool: .

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