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disabling a microphone


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I have a logitech quick camera with intergrated microphone.

Now I have worked out how to watch telly on my PC (stops arguments) I wanted to record a prog as well. No problem, but can hear ourselves over the sound track. What simple click thing can I do to disable the mic until prog is finished?

Or am I choosing the wrong audio sorce when recording?

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I've got one of the Logitech Quick-cams. Since it's USB, muting the microphone in the Master volume controls wont work. To kill the mike you need to go to Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices and click the "Audio" tab. Under "Sound recording" click Volume. When the "Capture" window pops up, check the "Mute all" box.

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Thanks Sniper, it works exactly as you said . I never thought to mention that it was USB.  :hello:


I have all my USB ports in the back of my computer filled so I plug the cam in a front port to use it and yank it out when I'm not using it. About the only time I used the thing was when my nephew was in Iraq.

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