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Lunarsoft Wiki Suggestions

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Please post any suggestions for the Lunarsoft Wiki here. If you would like to see something, anything added, please let us know and provide some detail.

We currently have pages discussing the HOSTS file, PC Cleanup, PC Security, Freeware, Safe Mode and a few other pages. We would like to expand the knowledge base and provide more easy to read guides for both members and visitors.

All suggestions are welcome!

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When mentioning the Lunarsoft, link to it. So people who read the post, easier find it.

* https://wiki.lunarsoft.net/

You could add some external links on the PC Security page to Wikipedia as an additional resource for further optional education on relevant topics.

You can add a "Privacy" page, how to clean sensitive data. Use "Clear Private Data" tool in Firefox, block cookies, etc.

How use the clean private data tool in IE7. What software to clean out sensitive data from the computer such as recent documents, etc.

Perhaps how to use built-in encryption features in XP and Vista, or software like TrueCrypt or archive encryption in 7-Zip in order to encrypt sensitive files.

Perhaps a page with list of software to avoid (Acrobat PDF, RealPlayer, QuickTime, Norton - will slow your computer to speed of snail with broken foot).

Page how to setup dual-boot configuration with Vista + XP or XP/Vista + Linux.

Page that explains the absolute total awesomeness of open source software.

How to set up a virtual machine or a sandbox in order to browse porno without getting infected.

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One more option for testing firewalls / open ports can't hurt. This might fit nice next to PC Flank???

...Gibson Research Corporation's ShieldsUP!

The Internet's quickest, most popular, reliable and trusted, free Internet security checkup and information

service. And now in its Port Authority Edition, it's also the most powerful and complete. Check your system

here, and begin learning about using the Internet safely.

Note: Click the link above - scroll down to "Hot Spots" - click ShieldsUP! - "Read" then "Proceed"

Mike :D

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