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March 2008 Desktops

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Ubuntu 8.04 (alpha)

Compiz with the 'Desktop Cube', 'Cube Gears', 'Cube Reflection' and 'Cube Caps' plugins.

The 'Desktop Cube' plugin for Compiz uses the 'Carina Nebula' skydome.


Thats 4 virtual desktops displayed on a semi-transparent 3D cube spinning in space. :)

The skydome picture is from the Carina Nebula, photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.


And this month, I have weather in the taskbar too, thanks to an update. You see in Linux you don't only get fixes when you use the Update Manager, you also get new features. To get new features, you don't have to wait years for a company *cough* to release a new version of the operating system that you have to pay for. :)

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My new tri-monitor setup...


5280x1202 - 558KB

It's sooooo big.... I actually have to turn my head to see it all. :)

P.S. Sorry about the oversized thumbnail... if I made it 300 wide, it'd only be 60px tall... :)

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