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This is harder than you would think, but here goes:

Lunar Newbie - 0 posts

Lunar Novice - 10 posts

Lunar Regular - 50 posts

Lunar Advanced - 100 posts

Lunar Senior - 500 posts

Lunar Executive - 1000 posts


G'day folks,

these seems a good a list of rankings as any, in fact I'll put my vote towards it. :hello:

Cheers :D

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  • Administrator

I've also asked at Msfn.

Here's what they have currently.

Newbie 10

Junior 50

Member 100

Advanced Member 300

Senior Member 500

Friend of MSFN 700

MSFN Expert 1000

MSFN Addict 1500

MSFN Master 2000

MSFN Junkie 3000

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G'day Tarun,

I think that's probably way too many, CaPMan's suggestion is still more feasible, but that's only my opinion. :D

If you do go your way, could you at least change the ranks to preclude them with 'Lunar' as per CaPMan's idea? Makes it feel more appropriate to these forums.

Cheers :hello:

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