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Just wondering, is there an open-source firewall available for Windows? Or open-source anti-spyware? So d*** annoying everything for Windows concerning security seems to be proprietary.al

I've also decided to uninstall avast and got for ClamWin, I hardly ever download questionable files anymore, and when I do I'll just use ClamWin.

Still, I assume its wise to keep on running a firewall? Also, in terms of anti-spyware/malware, I only have Spybot and SpywareBlaster. Do they suffice for a regular user who hardly downloads any questionable files?

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I've heard countless bad things about ClamWin. The biggest is that the detection rates, virus removal, etc. are very bad.

I have seen a few open source firewalls, but for most users they are "too complex" or "too complicated" as far as making the rules and so forth.

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I've used it once though not for a long period of time. In fact, I believe I used it for under a week. I found it to be a bit too annoying and configuring some of the rules took far more time than necessary.

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I don't think there are so many FOSS anti-spy/virus/malware for Windows.

ClamAV is used in some commercial solutions in hardware appliances by Barracuda Networks, etc.

ClamAV is used a lot in mail servers.

I read some comparison, and it didn't score well on detection rates.

I like the simplicity of it though.

There is a Firefox extension called ClamWin Antivirus Glue for Firefox, that integrates ClamWin with Firefox, but I never tried it.

WinPooch I never tried either.

You can try search SourceForge.net if you find something...

When I used Windows, I used only the built-in Windows firewall, without any anti-virus or anti-spyware/malware software.

I wouldn't recommend it for the average non-technical person though, but for me it worked quite well.

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