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Working on an Laptop issue in the Controllers


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I have been working on a project with on Laptop produced by an OEM. The first time I say this issue was with a Laptop running Windows Media Center 2005 on a Intel Core Duo System, Chipset Instel 945.

After showing it to several techs worked with me on this they sent a second laptop running Vista with Core 2 7500 2.2, Chipset Intel 965.

The issue came to light with the first laptop because the laptop using a samsung 9 volt battery burned out twice, and I had to have 3 DVD R/RW's relpaced because they would also burn out.

The Core 2 still has the same Intel SMBus Controllers Conflicts with the input/output IO Range 10C0 - 10DF. These of course run the South Bridge Chipset.

I was sent a replacement again even after begging them not to send me anything else because I felt it was a waste of money and time. However I cann't complain I love the system with the exeception the it still has the I/O conflict.

On Windows XP (any Edition) you can see the conflict in the device manager, by clicking on the Intel SMBus then the tab for resouses. In the box below is were a message is that say it is in conflict with a Input/Output Range 10C0-10DF.

I searched the Registry until I came to the HKLM Current ContolSet Enum PCI\VEN _8086&DEV 27DA. This of course let me to the HKLM System Current Control Set Enum ACPI PNP 001\3. Now on a Vista System you need to go to the Device Manager and click on Show Hidden then all the system devices show.

Only on this one OEM you will find 4 system boards on a laptop. The first one is for Microsoft ACPI PNP A0c8.

the second says - on PCI Bus, the Third is also says - on PCI Bus, the Forth says LPC Controllers.

Now I went through the Registry and Found all 4 System Boards Listed in HKLM System Control Set Enum.

However each one was listed as a seperate PNP which is ACPI PNP 0C01\1 - ACPI PNP 0C01\2 - ACPI PNP 0C01\3 - ACPI PNP 0C01\4.

In the Device Manager under the third System Board under the Recources Tab THERE IS A CLEAR 0 WITH A RED LINE THROUGH IT UNDER THE I/O RANGE 10C0 - 10DF. THEN IN THE CONFLICTING DEVICE LIST THERE IS A MESSAGE THAT READS " Input/Output Range 10c0 - 10DF used by: Intel 82801G ( ICH7 Family) SMBus Controllers 27DA.

Understand after 2 years many calls, letters and other tech sites which included Intel and Microsoft. I have found no one that is interested in this problem.

However I have recorded this issue on every laptop made by this OEM for two years so that includes the highend and before Vista. I have tested the systems before the chipset was install and found the same conflicts.

After running a Registry Report Called Resplendence to Compare Both Hives and found that between the SMBus and the ACPI PNP 0C01\3 you can clearly see that the take each other out.

I have downloaded and read 611 pages of the ACPI.com Report and tried to piece this together but I just can not do it alone.

The OEM has wonderful techs but I believe the Software engineers are kept in a secret room someplace because as hard as I have tried niether the Evevated techs nor I can reach them.

I know from Reading the ACPI.com report that only the OEM can make the changes needed to make this right.

So I just want to know from you, Because the I/0 is in such a high level of the southbridge chipset regein isn't this part of my problems with the AC pug, Battery, and DVD burnout of the past year?

Thank you for Reading this very long letter.

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Have you attempted to update the drivers for the Intel chipset? There is a utility that tells you the model so you can easily get the right drivers. It's the Intel Chipset Identification Utility. :wave:

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