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Coming Soon: Ad-Aware 2008

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As an Internet user, you know that cyber criminals are relentlessly upping their tactics to get past your defenses. That’s why, at Lavasoft, we work even harder to bring you new features and technology to better protect your online privacy and security. Our security solution: Ad-Aware 2008. Ready for a sneak peek at the fresh features of the new version?

* Integrated Anti-Virus Protection

Our powerful anti-spyware software now includes extended anti-virus protection for Ad-Aware 2008 Plus and Pro versions.

* Improved Rootkit Removal System

Our amplified rootkit removal technology addresses today’s threat framework.

* Bigger and Better Detection

Lavasoft’s new extended anti-virus engine boosts detection to include over one million additional virus and malware threats.

* Substantially Reduced Use of Computer Memory

Plus and Pro users will notice a significant reduction in computer memory used while in watchguard mode.

* 64-Bit Platform Support

Ad-Aware 2008 Free, Plus and Pro versions will have full 64-bit platform support as well as Windows Vista compatibility.

* Faster Updates

New download compression results in faster product updates for users on all systems.

* Lavasoft ThreatWork

Direct access to submit suspicious files for analysis via ThreatWork, an alliance of global anti-spyware security volunteers actively fighting online threats.

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Very interesting. I signed up for the beta but received no reply. I hope they take note of how they have downgraded the program by crippling many of the features when they made 2007 and reverse some of them to be more like Ad-Aware SE Personal 1.06.

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