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G'day folks,

have a question about Avast settings.

How do I make Avast send 'infected' files automatically to the Chest without needing confirmation from me.

What I mean is, that currently when I run a 'Thorough' scan of all files, when it detects a virus/trojan/etc, I get a dialogue box waiting for me to click on 'Delete', 'Move to Chest'. What I want it to do is that when it finds something that it gets sent direct to the chest without waiting for my input.

The reason I'm after this functionality is because I ran a thorough scan on the weekend before I go to bed so that I don't have to wait around for it to do its thing, but if it finds something it sits there in limbo till the morning waiting for me to push the appropriate button.

Cheers :wave:

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don't think you can do it completely automatically. (at least not in the Home edition.)

for example i tested on my computer, i rarely do scans overnight because the resident shield catches pretty much everything.. and any scans i do always end up clean.

anyways, after forcing a scan of my D:\ i got this..

which has the option "Don't show this dialog next time".. with that checked hit "continue" and it will scan until it's done.. at which time you'll get a dialog like this.

once it's done just hit action -> chest after verifying that theres no false-positives.

hopefully this helps ya.

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