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Malwarebytes 1.31 Prevention Tests

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Malwarebytes 1.31 Prevention Tests Part 1


Malwarebytes caught 7 out of 9 malicious urls

One url let in new rogue Spyware Guard 2008

Overall two infections out of nine urls which led to the machine becoming very infected by multiple malwares and Malwarebytes was silent not stopping anything.

Video Test performed by Matthew Rizos, at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtoJP-RIql4

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Did you watch all three videos comprising the test. that shows the 2 infections that did get in started to let other malware in he forwarded the results to Dennis Cook at Malwarebytes. Matt uses this program everyday cause its so effective on removal infections in clients machines. but he himself was surprised at how the protection Module is not as effectiveas malwarebytes removal capabilities are. but this again is not the lone tool he uses he like most technicians relies on a combination of programs on a daily basis. also in the video part one he does emphasize that some of the samples are new so the definition signatures are not there in malwarebytes data base so detection by the protection module was not enough to stop them.

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