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internet connection speed

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ok, i hope this is not to obsurb to anyone. i dont even know exactly how to classify this. but web pages download faster when i have a "low" signal at 11mbps as opposed when i have an "excellent" at 54mbps. shouldn't this be the other way around? i currently use fasterfox and it verify's this with its timer. at 11mbps average page loads at anywhere from 5-10 seconds. at 54mbps loads an average of 30-40 seconds. does this make any sense? well, it doesn't to me at least.

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assuming with the 11mb and 54mb you have wireless...

when you had it set to 54mb, you were probably getting a lot of loss forcing the server to resend the data. at 11mb your router and your wireless were probably able to send the data more accurately.

you can check this by pinging the router or another computer with the command "ping compname/routerIP -t" this will keep pinging over and over until you press ctrl+c. compare the packet loss against eachother.

if you still have problems, whats your signal strength?

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lol, wow...that was way over my head. but i think i understand. i solved alot of my problems by way of firetune and getting rid of faster fox. i have no problems with internet speed. average download only takes about 3 seconds now. the other day i was on a DoD network that was 400mbs. i never knew such a thing existed.

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