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at my station i work at has a breakroom that is always a playground for jokes on others. stuff like adding chili sauce to unattended food containers or just simply eating all of the food but only leaving a bite or two. one time someone paid the coke vender guy to change up the selection of the machine so if one selected coke they would get sprite and so forth. once someone chained up the fridge and turned it around so the doors faced the wall. but apperantly it went too far. here is a note that someone posted on the fridge this morning. i laughed hard when i read it. this note has become the talk of the station.

"One of you mother f*ckin f*ck f*ck's stole my f*ckin cokes and took the f*ckin sign down I wrote my name on every muther f*ckin coke may all you c*ck suckin muther f*ckin coke thieving bastards rot in hell after dying of syphilis and a** herpes and next time f*ckin tabasco in my food i will pour entire bottle down your f*cken fat nose"

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A lot of the Coca~Cola products are being pulled from the market. Cherry and Vanilla Coke are being pulled, along with a lot of others. They're going to release a "Black Cherry Vanilla Coke", and we all know why. To "rival" the Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper.

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We had an incident at work years ago where someone took a bite out of a guys cheeseburger and rewrapped it as a joke. Everyone was called into the boardroom and an "investigation" took place. The guys whos cheeseburger it was wanted to start checking teeth marks in paper to see who it was.

I laughed and laughed through the entire thing. Priceless.

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Hmmm, DR Pepper.....

down here we call it something else.....


Tried it once, spat it out.

I think it has to do with you folk (US) not using sugar in your sodas. Coke here tastes completely different to what you folks dish up. As I said it has to do with us using sugar whilst you folk use corn syrup (I think?), makes for an utterly different taste.

Whilst we were over in the US last March, we brought some coke from home and offered it to friends we were staying with. Everytime we hear from them now they keep asking when we're going to send them a carton or two ;)

Heheh, more converts to the dark side of sugar cane :ninja:

Cheers :lol:

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