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Got a new computer on the way


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I decided that since windows 7 is just around the corner it was time for me to get a new dedicated computer for it. I skipped vista and its been a while since I got a new desktop so I figured now was as good a time as any.

Parts should be here by tomorrow but I'm not sure I'll be able to get it together this week. (school :( ) I cant get windows right now anyway, so I don't guess it matters.

Anyway here is what I got.

Amd Athlon II X4






Power Supply:




(yeah I got a cheap ugly case... I bought a few fans for it so it should be fine. I didn't want to spend a bunch on it and this looked good).

I haven't gotten a Graphics card yet. I haven't decided which one I want.

I have a 32in lcd that I may hook this up to. I play games on my 360, but it may be nice to have a pc for gaming/multimedia hooked up to it.(not top of the line but I'm guessing this thing will play most of whats out there.)

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My case just got here. For some reason it took a little longer than the other parts.

Anyway its actually not bad considering it was only $35 with free shipping. It doesn't look too bad, its cheap plastic in the front and the paint is definitely junk but it has 3 fans(didn't know this when I bought it.. One in back, one on front one on top), its plenty big enough and seems pretty sturdy. I also like the removable filter on the front fan.

I've never used tooless drive holders before. Not sure I'm too crazy about them, I may remove them and just use screws.

I'm not going to be able to build everything until Saturday, but at least now I'm ready to go.

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Quad-core CPU is nice.

Biostar I haven't heard much, so I have nothing to say.

Nice amount of RAM, and nice speed.

Corsair makes good power supplies. Good that it is 80 PLUS.

If I were to buy a graphics card, I would go for a AMD Radeon 4xxx or 5xxx.

I believe that currently AMD has the upper hand over Nvidia.

Since Windows 7 isn't out yet, you can use Ubuntu or something until then.

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Congrats on your new upgrades.

I might have bumped up to a minimum of 500W on the power supply - just me. Also, I hope your case passes the twist test, I know those very inexpensive

cases tend to twist very easy and it can put undue pressure on the PCB. Anyway, enjoy your new toys ;)

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The case is pretty sturdy, I'm not worried about it being a problem.

Its just ugly. ;)

I have everything put together now, now I just have to wait for windows 7 to come out. I got the RC download a long time ago and never tried it, don't see much point in spending the time to set it up now.

I think I'm going to go ahead and order one of the new ati cards, there was one that was only about $130 which would do whatever game/blu ray stuff I decide to do.

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Ok so far I like windows 7 a lot.

I really hate the new taskbar, luckily you can make it function like the old one(turn off grouping and enable quick launch). The way it is by default is exactly like the dock in osx which I've always hated. I can see where it would be good if you had a tiny screen and a bunch of windows open, but I don't have that problem.

Here is a screenshot:


Everything else is perfect. Its like vista and xp combined where everything looks great(really like the new paint and wordpad...) but works. :P

I haven't tried xp mode yet but I will soon. I haven't gotten to use this pc much(not home a lot) but I will write up a lot more about 7 later.

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