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Uninterupted power supply


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What do you all think about these? Worth the cash? Good prevention? If i ever had a power issue hit my computer, i would hate to have to go through the hassle of an insurance claim.

I already have two powersurge bars connecting my comp stuff.

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I was looking at these before most people knew what they were. I personally think they're worth it if you lose power a lot.. like just flicker off and on.. I'm not sure if this rule still applies, but don't connect laser printers to them, they used to trip the ups and drain all the power, so once the power went out so did everything else.

I had one that my dad rebuilt, during a bad summer in San Jose, California.. the power was litterally going off and on every 20 minutes. it was definently worth having one then.

btw... last time i looked at these, they could only power your computer for about 30 minutes, but i guess thats plenty of time to save your files and shut down.

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Does the US suffer from loss of power a lot then?

England would have what we call power cuts maybe a couple of times a year when I was little, which I always enjoyed as we would have to light candles, (have always had a fascination with fire for some reason).

But have only experienced one power cut in probably the last ten years that I can remember.

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We get the same here, called 'brownouts' as the power only drops, doesn't go off all the way.

And yeah they're a pain as they flick my PCs off and on, and if the brownouts are concurrent enough in quick succession they can burn out electrical motors.

I've already complained about this to my Elec Coy and have warned them if it fritzes out my PCs I'm sending them the bill, especially seeing under the contract, burnt out electrical motors (see below) will be replaced by the company, but it doesn't cover PCs, go figure.

Yes, I realise it states 'motors' but they cover things like TV's, Stereos, Microwaves, etc, so a PC is no different in that regard.

Cheers :hello:

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