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2006 Calendar


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Very nice. :realmad:

Almost as good as the one that turned up in work today.

As is always the case at this time of year, we get loads of calendars sent in from our suppliers, some of which are scenic, some of cars, once even had one of trains, but as always there are the nude ones, well topless to be precise.

However the one that turned up today was full frontal and bordering on being pornographic, and luckily for me has taken pride of place above my workbench.

(Just hope my mum don't pop in to see me during 2006, at 73 years of age it might be a bit too shocking).

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Well that one was nice, but I have one that actually was done a few years back of MEN, ummmm what's his name, and others. Oh yeah his name is Brad Pitt LOL

But don't think Hazel would be interested. It's not nude, just their tops LOL Kinda like most of the women calendars :realmad:

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