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We need to apply parental controls


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My daughter has recently purchased a new laptop. She has an older desktop (gateway)with windows XP, that she wants to give to her daughter & son.

At this point she wants to see that the teens stay in sights that are child safe. With no ability to download illegal content such as porn, music or movies. Is there a way to do this in windows xp? Many friends online recommended that I should buy Internet filter for mac and family keylogger mac. But it seems only apply to mac computers, i don't know if it can also use on windows......Please do tell me if you have a solution to this…

Thanks so much for your time

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Certainly, there are programs available. Go to MajorGeeks.com . Look under Security (in the left sidebar), there are a few of them there. I don't have a lot of faith in those kinds of programs, myself, but of she wants one that's a good source for safe, tested software.

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Such software will probably inadvertently block some legitimate websites too. False positives are not uncommon.

When it comes to computers and technology, kids are usually way more savvy than you will ever be. It's not unlikely that they will find way ways to circumvent, disable or remove it.

Internet was made for porno.

If the kids want to watch porn or whatever, they will do it. One way or another. They will watch it on TV, cellphone, at school, at friends house, or whatever. Nothing you can do about it, so don't even try. If you think you can prevent them from that, you're just fooling yourself.

Installing such software will signal to them that you distrust them. Consequently they will distrust you. They will hide things from you, and whenever they have a problem you will the last one to know. When they need someone to turn to, you will not be considered an option.

Kids should be exposed to media, to music, to movies. On radio its the same music all the time. On the Internet they can expand their musical taste with thousands of genres and millions of artists and songs. Perhaps they will discover music and take an interest in music, maybe learn to make their own music.

By preventing them from accessing movies and music, they will get bored, non entertained and understimulated.

Do you know what happens to kids like that?

They seek excitement elsewhere, get into risky behavior, start vandalizing, doing drugs, etc.

You also turn computers and technology into something boring so they wont pick up the technological skills which will be needed in the future when they apply for jobs.

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